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For All Commissions (aka custom pieces)

Please email me your idea, along with any other specifications stated below.

Commission prices are based on size, design, materials, and level of detail.

Don't worry if you're unsure about any specifications, or don't see an example of what you're looking for,

we can brainstorm together!  :)

To view commission options, click on any photo below for full photo and description  :)

Nature Scenery Pieces

Send me a photo of the scene you want and your preferred canvas orientation - landscape or portrait. (ex: photo of a forest, landscape, with fairies, a bear, and 3D jewels)

Drip Paintings

Send me inspo photos and/or some colors you want included, along with any embellishments you want. (ex: white, green, and black, with gold leaf)

Stylized Portraits

Send me a photo of the person(s) you want depicted, and any words or dates you want added. (ex: engagement photo, green and gold background, black and white portrait, with "Now and Forever")

Mixed Media Pieces

Send me a list of materials you want included in the piece, along with your general idea. (ex: black background, broken mirrors, 3D jewels, and ribbons, with a bicycle painted in the middle)

Large-Scale Paintings

Send me inspo photos and/or concept ideas, along with colors you want included, and general size. For reference, this piece, pictured, is 8'x5'. (ex: sunset colors, 5'x3', with some flowers)

Metal Canvas Pieces

Send me the type of metal, and style canvas you want - a sheet of metal, or a custom-built metal canvas with a frame, along with your idea (ex: sheet of brass, with butterflies)

In-Home Murals

Send me your inspo photos, along with a photo of the wall(s) you want painted, and their approximate dimensions. (ex: photo of nursery, with photos of flowers and a fairy, greens and pinks, 8'x6' wall)

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